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Welcome to Peaguin’s blog !

This is a place where I am using my words to play with the experiences which I have had.

I have my reviews about the books I read and the video content which I watch, over and over again at times. My perspective has given me the liberty to live through the content. This makes it even more exciting to share it with you, dear reader.

Additionally, I embark on the quest of learning new things (especially related to Computer Science, I am an aspiring professor) so keep up. There is a lot of fun going around.

Moving on, I am a tarot reader as well. I love to play with my intuition and help others find their way through the wisdom of tarot.

Some of my other interests are also presented here on my blog. Go on, have a look and explore.


I love to read and explore new content, content worthy of living through. I dwell on my experiences and write about them; be it books or movies or episodes or what not ;P

Computer Science

This is where I take on a deep quest for exploring different aspects of computer science. Starting from data structures, algorithms and going all the way up to the research areas.

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards allow us to illuminate our past, clarify our present and show you the future. Using the symbology and wisdom of the cards, better decisions can be made leading to a better and fulfilled life.

Making the impossible possible.

Working on a freelance basis, available for writing and editing projects.

Contact : sarishmasingh@gmail.com

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Writer, Tarot Reader, Computer Science professor, also an amazing human being!

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